William(Bill) Kienzle

WA Associates


This site describes my academic background and experience in the areas of optical engineering and Geographical Information System(GIS). Examples of this work as WA Associates and while employed with other companies are provided.

Optics Overview

Virtually all types of coatings were designed and toleranced. Optimum coating selection required analyses of spectral performance, photometric, and color analyses on coatings/systems. Deposited a large variety of dielectric, metalallic, semimetallic materials on substrates that included glass, metals, plastics, electro-optical materials. Metrological techniques included traditional measurements as well as electron diffraction, Auger analyses, and scanning electron microscopy. A variety of processes that included PVD,PECVD, IBS, IAD, sputtering processes were used to deposit the coatings.

System analyses were used to establish tolerance requirements, determine focal plane performance, and corner cube performance. Metrology techniques were identified, fabricated, and implemented for lens centering tools, visible and IR MTF tests, focal plane modules and componentry.

GIS Overview

WA Associates has provided GIS services to a variety of organizations including commercial, private and governmental organizations. Databases and maps have been created for permitted chemical applications and weed locations for agriculture interests. Similar products have been created for emergency services, people with special needs, and a methamphetamine task force. Site layouts, including 3D visualizations, have been generated for land developers. Water well data has been collected and local geography has been evaluated for hydrology applications.

A variety of professional software has been utilized to provide GIS related support, including ESRI, Manifold, IDRISI, ERDAS, CAD, and other analytical support software packages. GIS functional skills include: 1) database design, development, conversion, and implementation; 2) cartography; 3) web applications; 4) spatial analyses; 5) tool development.